Tree Top Recycling provides several sizes of bark for your outdoor areas. Our larger bark is great for areas with high traffic.

We recommend medium sized bark to be used in areas that will require consistency for a long period of time as this bark does not decompose quickly.

Our small bark is perfect for flower beds and with our natural red color it enhances the look of your beds while keeping moisture in.

We also sell mulch for ground cover that is a wonderful soil aid as it helps to mend your soil. Our Black forest mulch is a beautiful fine dark color and does a wonderful job in berms with a lot of flowers or plants. It works great in high windy areas and it is easy to refresh.

Tree Top also provides our customers with excellent Top Soil that has been screened. Our soil blend is a 2-1 yard compost that is packed with nutrients for all your planting needs.

Garden Compost consists of grass-leaf mixed with steer manure; it is perfect for your garden beds.

Kids love playgrounds but parents hate splinters. At Tree Top Recycling we provide bark that is splinter free and is certified for use with wheelchairs.

Mulch is defined as any material that is applied to the soil surface. As Southern Idaho has a tendency to be very dry in the summer it helps to lay down either a good bark or mulch in order to reduce the amount of water lost during the day. An added benefit is it makes the areas around your home and garden beautiful and enhances the landscaping. A distinctive difference between Barks and Mulch is the size, texture and purpose. Larger pieces will look better in high wind areas as they will not blow up into peoples eyes. Smaller pieces or shreds are great around your plants and it is easier to rake leaves or debris out of the bark when necessary.

Tree Top Recycling and Bark provide several types of Bark and Mulch for your landscaping and gardening needs.









Our playground bark has been certified for wheelchair access. Our pieces are 3/4 inch and a natural blonde color. We recommend that bark be one inch deep for every  foot of playground.