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We Recycle Yard Waste and Provide
High-Quality Bark, Mulch, Compost & Top Soil

Help keep Idaho green and enhance your landscape

A beautiful yard is an extension of a beautiful home. But like a beautiful home, keeping your landscape pristine takes hard work and the right materials. Like most people living in the Treasure Valley you probably have a plant or two growing in your yard. Some plants you probably want there, others you don’t, and a lot probably need some regular attention to maintain their health and aesthetic value. If you love your home and your home state, you’ll want to take care of them both by recycling your yard waste and adding quality materials to keep your outdoor space looking great.

Tree Top Recycling is based around one simple win-win idea: Helping you Helps Idaho.

Bark and Mulch

When you come to our facility you’re able to get rid of your green items like grass, leaves, tree branches, bushes, sod/dirt, and scrap wood for a very small fee. A smaller fee than taking it to the landfill! We use that money to recycle the materials we receive and put them back out into the Idaho community to keep adding value. They may become landscape materials, cattle bedding, or even burning fuel to generate clean electricity. Making Idaho a greener state and providing top of the line landscape materials to our customers is what drives us.

We Can Recycle

Garden Waste

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Everyone is always very helpful at Tree Top. Thank for your great service.”

“We love Tree Top. Great products at a great price. Thanks!”

“Was served with a smile. Thanks for all your hard work providing us contractors with awesome products.”

“Friendly people running the show, and easy to recycle material.”

“The only recycle center I will use.”

Transform Your Landscape With...

Landscape bark

Bark is perfect for high traffic areas. We recommend supreme shredded bark to for areas that require consistency over a long period of time. Playgrounds and flower beds are two popular uses for bark. 


Mulch is ideal for ground cover and acts a wonderful soil aid for retaining moisture. Our mulch is used in flower beds, gardens, and is perfect for high wind areas. 


Good compost is essential for growing healthy and vibrant plants. Our compost consists of our very own blend of grass, leaves, and wood chips broken down and ready to add nutrients and fuel to your soil life. 


Our screened topsoil is perfect for compacted soils and topsoil void yards that need some help establishing grass, gardens, and other types of decorative plants. Our soil blend is a 50/50 topsoil /compost blend that is ready for direct planting and seeding.

Decorative Rocks

Landscaping rocks are a fantastic solution for large areas that you want to look great with little maintenance.

Landscaping Rock