Tree Top Recycling

Bark, Mulch, Compost, Top Soil & Rock

Protect your soil, add nutrients, and beautify your landscape

Like the inside of your home, the outside needs equal if not more attention to maintain a beautiful look and stay healthy and functional. Southern Idaho has a tendency to be very dry in the Summer. Laying down a good bark or mulch will dramatically reduce the amount of ground moisture lost during the day due to evaporation. In addition to retaining moisture, the bark and mulch add nutrients and beauty to your landscape.

If you’re planning a garden, decorative plantings, or a lawn you’ll need quality compost and topsoil for best results.  Avoid the disappointment of putting in all the work it takes to clear a space, set-up irrigation, and plant only to have plants or grass that never reach their full potential. Poor nutrient starved soils produce unwanted weeds as well. We provide top quality topsoil and compost to ensure whatever you plant thrives and makes your landscape one you can enjoy and take pride in.

Bark and Mulch


Children love playgrounds but parents hate splinters. We provide a bark that is splinter free and is certified for use with wheelchairs. These bark pieces are ¾ inch and a natural blond color.


Tree Top Recycling provides several sizes of bark for your outdoor areas. Larger bark is great for areas with higher amounts of foot traffic. A customer favorite – Supreme Shredded Bark – is used in areas that require consistency over a long period of time, as the bark decomposes slowly. It’s also perfect for flower beds helping to keep down weed pressure, and retain soil moisture. The natural red or brown color enhances the look of your beds as well.

Supreme Shredded Walk-On Bark

Great for high traffic areas & flower beds

$50 per cubic yard

Certified Splinter-Free Playground Bark Chips

Splinter-free wood chips

$68 per cubic yard

Black Forest Mulch

Great soil aid

$45 per cubic yard

Want to have it delivered & installed by one of our professional technicians?

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Mulch is a ground cover and wonderful soil aid that helps mend soils and retain moisture. Our black forest mulch is a beautiful fine dark color and does an outstanding job in berms with a lot of flowers or plants. It also works great in high wind areas. Our Dark Hemlock mulch is sourced from Oregon and consists of a dark black rich soil that’s perfect for water retention.

Cedar Mulch

Natural bug inhibitor & barefoot-friendly

$60 per cubic yard

Dark Hemlock

Great for retaining water & barefoot friendly

$65 per cubic yard

Ground Cover Mulch

Great soil aid

$58 per cubic yard

Topsoil & Compost

If your landscape is lacking quality topsoil bringing topsoil in is a must if you want a garden or lawn. Our screened topsoil is the perfect base for any plantings when you mix it with our compost blend. If you want a something that is already blended and ready to plant try out soil blend, a 50/50 mixture of our screened topsoil and garden compost.

Compost is essential for vibrant and healthy gardens. If you’re gardening organically you’ll want to make sure you’re building your soil life with quality compost. Compost adds to the soil structure allowing stronger root zones, and feeds the trillions of microbes in your soil which builds the foundation of a healthy living soil that lead to nutrient dense vegetables and beautiful plants. We make our compost by using our very own blend of grass, leaves, and wood chips.

Screened Top Soil

Screened soil

$20 per cubic yard

50/50 Soil Blend

Topsoil compost mix packed with nutrients

$32 per cubic yard

Garden Compost

Grass/leaves mixed with wood chips

$35 per cubic yard

Decorative Rock

Adding decorative landscaping rocks to your property is a permanent solution that looks great and lasts. Our black and tan ½” to 1” rocks are great for edges or large areas that you want to look great with little to no maintenance.

Black and Tan Micro Rock

$72 per cubic yard

Lichen Boulders


Black and Tan 5/8" Rock

$68 per cubic yard

Sandstone Boulders

$0.18 per pound

Black and Tan 1" Rock

$68 per cubic yard

Round Rock 3/4

$57 per cubic yard