Tree Top Recycling

Mobile Wood Grinding Service

Complete mobile grinding service in Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Montana, and Washington

On-Site Grinding for Developers & Excavators

Tree Top Recycling LLC, based in Boise, ID, offers complete mobile grinding services! Developers, excavators, site contractors, municipalities, landowners, and commercial businesses. Tree Top Recycling is your #1 source for convenient and affordable on-site mobile grinding of trees, stumps, brush, wood structures, and other green waste. Need the site cleared and leveled? Large or small, we have the equipment to handle it. We can even haul away the material to our state-of-the-art recycling center. Call us today at 208-362-1460.

Grind Down Your Expense

Introducing a safe and economical method for managing your land-clearing waste. By mulching trees and brush, we significantly reduce the volume-to-mass ratio, enabling you to transport more material with fewer truckloads. Say goodbye to inflated trucking expenses and the risks of handling and exporting trees and brush. Our proficient operators can efficiently sort and grind even the most challenging clearing and grubbing material to meet your specific particle size requirements.


Apart from reducing export costs, mulching onsite vegetation offers an excellent erosion control solution without the expense of trucking in rock or the time-consuming installation of erosion control mats and barriers. Large mulch serves as an ideal storm protection measure, capable of absorbing significant amounts of water. By slowing down the flow and allowing water to filter through the mulch, it helps maintain the cleanliness of stormwater with minimal siltation and erosion. This is a win-win situation for both you and the environment.

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